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Happy New Year!

In this new year we are planning Meet-Ups
for January & February at
Birmingham Bridge Tavern
2901 Sarah Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

And our first meet-up is:
Monday January 19th 5:30PM
MS Office Online & Office Apps for the IPad
SME: Harvey Schoenman

Simply put, Office Online is a scaled down, but free, version of the full desktop version of MS Office. It makes an excellent introduction to the full version and, in fact, may be all that any number of people may need. These online apps do not materially differ from their counterparts on Office 365, a fee-based subscription version of Office, and are compatible with the desktop and 365 versions, not only in file formats but in touch and fell as well..

Would you believe that Microsoft has created free touch-enabled apps for Word and Excel available to iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android tablet and phone users, even before they will (eventually?) have it for the Windows Phone? These are not read-only versions but full read/edit/create versions specifically written for touch-screen devices.

Also ask about Microsoft’s support of Dropbox, a direct competitor to MS’ own OneDrive

It is great to see all the new people signing up for
Pittsburgh Technology Meet-up . It is a great place to talk tech.
Hope to see you all there!

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Calling All Technology Gurus - we are always looking for leading edge speakers for our monthly meeting
New! Microsofdownloads, & FREE training <here> .


Priority Job
New jobs website! Beta Site
Check it out!

Share your job postings wih us


Thank you to our sponsors:

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Office 365
Board Members stay in touch with 365!
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