AITP Pgh Chapter Meetings Status

Hello folks,

The AITP Pittsburgh Chapter is regrouping and has suspended meetings for January and February – traditionally low attendance months anyway – but plan to resume meetings in March The board is working on some CompTIA (our parent organization) requirements – insurance and incorporation.

We are also looking into shared streaming events with other AITP chapters where we would have our meeting at a Pittsburgh venue (Birmingham Bridge Tavern or other) and show a live streaming of a presentation from another chapter.

We are also looking for some new folks to join our board. This is an exciting time to get involved in running a local chapter of a growing and impactful organization. CompTIA AITP brings new opportunities that the old pre-merger AITP never had Рeducation, certification and careers/jobs. View the CompTIA AITP website at for details.

To express interest, please send an email with a subject line “Chapter BOD Interest” to

Finally, we would like to find a speaker on DLT/Blockchain technology. Distributed Shared Ledgers are what is behind crypto currencies like Bitcoin, but they are about to explode into the more mainstream business applications like Supply Chain Management and IOT. To suggest a speaker on this or any other topic,¬†please send an email with a subject line “Suggested Speaker” to

Hope to see you all again in March.

AITP Pittsburgh Chapter
Board of Directors