AITP Pgh Chapter Nov Meeting


Windows Mixed Reality

Date:             Monday Nov 20th, 2017
Time:             5:30 pm
Where:          Birmingham Bridge Tavern, upstairs room
Address:       2901 Sarah St
Parking:        Available all along Sarah St
Cost:              Only what you eat and drink

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Presentation Details:

Windows Mixed Reality

“Software is the only art form in existence that is not bound by the confines of physics. You are only ever bound and constrained by lack of imagination.“ – Alex Kipman, the chief inventor behind Kinect and a driving force behind HoloLens

On a base level, we have the constraints of physical reality. But think about how you interact with your phone—how that provides a window into the digital world. In the future we’ll be living in a holographic realm where we can actually project digital realities into the physical world. The technology we use to interact with our environment will be very different in just a few years.

Over the course of this discussion, we’ll talk a little bit about Windows Mixed Reality—the platform and ecosystem. And we’ll discuss the HoloLens vision: Where customers are going to realize value with HoloLens, and how organizations are already using HoloLens and getting value out of those experiences


Jeff Morris, MCSE, CNE Surface Technical Specialist – Microsoft Corporation

A 19 year veteran at Microsoft, Jeff helps commercial enterprises digitally transform the way they innovate, how their employees work, and how they engage with customers. For the past 12 years, Jeff has worked in Microsoft’s mobile end client business, including Windows Mobile and Phone, and most recently, the Surface portfolio of Pro, Book, Studio, and Hub. He is an AITP Pittsburgh Chapter member and resides in Allison Park, PA with his wife Pamela and their three children.

RSVP to   Include: Name, Company, Email Address