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From time to time we will post jobs that our members and others make us aware of and ask us to post.

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Posted 3/15/2017 from

Matt Davis
Director of Communications
Computer Science Online

I appreciate your interest. I have included the resources I thought were most relevant below:

Man to Machine – Artificial Intelligence and Automation Resources:

Career Opportunities in Computer Science – Startups and Who is Hiring:

Careers in Computer Science:

Learning Java: Online Computer Science Opportunities –

Becoming a Programmer – Resources and Advice to a Successful Career:

Posted 3/5/2017 from CCAC

An open position with CCAC.   (Community College of Allegheny County)

I would characterize the position, somewhat, of being a “Windows System Administrator”.  The detail for the position can be found using the following instructions:

Note almost all CCAC jobs can be accessed from the CCAC website ( however it more difficult to explain the navigation, so I just included the link above.