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AITP-Pgh Email Group —

Hosted by Yahoo Groups.

The AITP Pittsburgh Chapter invites you to subscribe to its group mailing list, which is being hosted on Yahoo Groups. This email distribution list is our primary communications vehicle which we use to send out notices for meetings and other special events.

Please note that subscribing to the email distribution list is not the same as joining AITP. There is no obligation but you can still receive communications and come to meetings. By subscribing to the list you have the ability to change your mailing address as need be, add additional email addresses, have friends and colleagues subscribe, and (shudder) unsubscribe. The point is that YOU are in control.

To subscribe to this Yahoo Groups email distribution list you do NOT have to join Yahoo or divulge ANYpersonal information. Just send an email to While it is an open membership list, only the owner/moderator (your electronic communications director) can send email via the group list. This prevents members or others from using the list for Spamming.
Harvey Schoenman
AITP Pittsburgh Chapter
Electronic Communications Director

For a walkthrough of the entire email sign-up process, complete with screen shots, see below. This is a PowerPoint slide presentation.
PowerPoint Screen Show ==> AITP Yahoo Groups.pps.

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